4 Year Old Program

The Ready for School’s Early Learning Program offers a program planned by a qualified and trained facilitator to incorporate a variety of activities to meet the physical, creative, intellectual and emotional needs of the children.

We offer activities and opportunities that follow the New Brunswick Early Learning and Childcare Curriculum Framework and that are essential to enhance the skills needed for success in kindergarten.

Our stimulating learning environment offers activities that focus on gross and fine motor skills, social skills with peers, rhyming, alphabet and more. We also take a hands-on approach with field trips, science experiments, games and more.

This program takes place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. For more information on the New Brunswick Early Learning and Childcare Curriculum Framework, please visit http://www.gnb.ca/0000/ECHDPE/ELCCCurriculum.asp

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Ready 4 School - Early Learning Programs

Yesterday in our 4 yr old Ready for School program the kids had a chance to make Christmas gifts and then they got to decorate the cookies they baked on Friday. Life in preschool and cookies... sure are sweet!This album contains photos of our 4yr old friends in the Ready for School program. ...

**SCHOOL CLOSURES**-please be advised that if Anglophone School District West is closed due to inclement weather, our Ready for School and Forest School programs are cancelled as well. Our All Day Care program remains open unless otherwise stated. ...


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Will you guys make a post in the morning if it’s closed?

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Ready 4 School - Early Learning Programs

Ice cream party! ...