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We believe that a vibrant, growing community is dependent on its youngest residents and that communities have a collective responsibility for raising healthy kids. With the appropriate tools and resources available to them, parents are empowered to healthy lifestyle choices during their children’s most formative years.

Using web based technology fredkid.com is an innovative and powerful communication tool that will enable parents to access these tools and resources.  We strive to make this resource accessible to all parents and caregivers in the Greater Fredericton Area.

History of fredkid.com

The history of fredkid.com is a story about community and the power of a group of committed families who were passionate about making this province a better place to raise a family.

fredkid.com began as a small in-home project by a new family to Fredericton and was created to meet a need in this community.

Both new and longstanding parents ask similar questions: “Which playgroups can I join on a rainy day?  Where can I learn baby sign language? Where can I meet other parents?”  While programs, support groups and activities were researched,  information was shared with other local families.

It became obvious that although Fredericton did have a lot to offer families, few people knew about these resources or how to access them. It was believed that the city of Fredericton and its parents and caregivers would greatly benefit from an online resource to link parents to each other and to the resources in the Greater Fredericton Area.

With this in mind other local families and dozens of key partners – local businesses, organizations and other individuals- came on board to meet this need and further develop this resource.

Following considerable media attention and parent and community support, fredkid.com was officially launched on January 23, 2007 with over 225 people in attendance. Apart from the many children participating in this event, other key guests included city representatives, leaders of the city’s seven major children’s organizations and mayor Brad Woodside.

The non profit organization, NBkid: Healthy Families, Healthy Communities began shortly after on March 1, 2007 and is comprised of a volunteer Board of Directors, a group of committed and dedicated parents and individuals in the Greater Fredericton Area.  The amount of volunteer hours and energy by a group of committed families has made this organization what it is today.

NBkid’s dream is to develop resources like fredkid.com for other communities in New Brunswick to enable parents and caregivers to make healthy, informed decisions while raising their children.

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